Monday, 31 December 2018

Photo Diary - Winter on the Droitwich Barge Canal

To me, the UK's waterways are one of it's hidden gems and for as long as I can remember I've simply enjoyed being on, in or by water. If it were down to me the entire UK waterscape would be protected as part of a huge Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The waterscape is a gift that keeps on giving, with such a dynamic aesthetic; changing dramatically with the seasons and weather but also subtly on a daily basis, with fluctuations in daylight, weather and wildlife. No two walks along the same watercourse are ever the same. So as part of a new photo-journalism series I've decided to try and capture the beauty of the UK waterscape. Punctuating the many occasions I can't make it out with a rod, I'll be out trying to capture the ever-changing water environment. Whilst I'm very much an amateur photographer, I hope you enjoy spending a little time on the bank through the lens of my camera!

It would have been easy to start this series with a trip to the majestic River Wye in Autumn, but rather I wanted to choose a venue that was unremarkable and as accessible as possible. So on one of the few frosty mornings we've had the pleasure of this winter, I headed out to Porter's Mill, situated on the Droitwich Barge Canal. Semi-rural and running almost parallel to the River Salwarpe, I planned to be out for no more than an hour, door to door, to to capture it's secrets... Enjoy!
With mile upon mile of accessible towpath, canals are much underrated beauty spots

Winter - those cold crisp mornings sugar coat everything they touch...

Our Subject - The Droitwich Barge Canal

Bankside rushes, haven to fish and birds alike

Photography is more accessible than ever - this shot taken on an iPhone rather than an SLR  

A perfect peg for perch?

Teasel's - at their best when withered husks

Rosehips - by this time as cold as I was!

Anyone for a canal chub?
I hope you've enjoyed this brief photo-diary and perhaps that it will inspire a few of you to get out with your own cameras in the new year... with or without your rods! If you've enjoyed, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to make plenty of similar posts! Happy New Year all!


  1. Excellent! A really nice premise for your blog, thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards

    David WB

    1. Thanks David! I'm really glad you enjoyed and like the subject area - hopefully a few more posts along this angle to come!

  2. Awesome photos and great read! Many thanks

  3. Once again lovely atmospheric photographs and subject. keep it up

  4. Wow great read, while I was reading it i all most felt like I was there I kinda got a shiver looking at the frosty ice an such a beautiful place I would love to Chuck a rod or 2 in there have you fished it your self